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Let me be your storyteller


Til Death Do Us Part

How We Met


I met Lexi working a crappy overnight shift at a convenience store. She started on the day shift and I remember being intimidated by all the BLACK and the DREADS and the PIERCINGS, Oh My! I finally got the chance to get a conversation going when she bought a $1 lottery ticket and said she was going to be mad if someone won on the next ticket. She asked me to text her if that was the case and lo and behold, someone won $50 on the next ticket and I was excited to have an excuse to talk to her. With my newly acquired introverts avenue for communication I began to conjure up a new winner whenever she bought a ticket until she caught on to my scheme. After that we started chatting on a regular basis and from there I discovered she was sweet and kind and never had a negative word to say about anyone unless they’d made the unfortunate mistake of raising her ire. In which case the BLACK and DREADS and PIERCINGS are all too fitting. And thus began a relationship that pulled me from a difficult place and given me a source of happiness and stability that makes my life one worth living.

The Proposal


One of our favorite spots to take the dog is a small hike up a hill on Rob’s parents land. I enjoy taking Vader here for photos and the view is beautiful at the top. It was December 18th 2018, our 2 year anniversary and we wanted to bring Vader up there for a few photos before visiting with his family. Well it happened to be a very very cold day, and we made it about half way up before I decided to give up because even with gloves on, I could no longer feel my fingers. I told rob I was heading back and he told me, “No we can’t! We have to go to the top.” I was not having it, and was about to head down when Rob said “Okay, okay... well I guess I’ll have to do this here then.” He knelt down on his knee and pulled out the ring and asked me to marry him. I literally just kept repeating “Are you serious?!” With tears of happiness of course and also a little frustration that I was about to put a ring on a finger that I could no longer feel. I always joke with him and say “You couldn’t have done it some place warm?!” But it was a very special and memorable moment for us both.

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